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T100 Multiple Samples CVS Analyzer

The T100 is our Lab CVS analyzer designed to allow the process of multiple samples. The unit can performed the CVS analysis of up to 17 samples depending on the application.

The T100 is the right tool for the determination of the concentrations of your different electroplating additives in your Acid copper or Tin baths.

The unit is using a turntable in order to be able to process different samples of the same organics components on a carrousel plate.

The T100 is completely automatic during the run of the analysis. Once the operator prepare the different solutions  (Reagents and Samples) the unit will do the all the analysis without any human action.

The T100 is using an innovative DI Water rinsing position for the electrodes between analyses. No need to spare any position for a dead rinse and always fresh DI water available.

The T100 will analyze the Carrier, Brightener and Leveler of your plating baths.