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MPC-CVS Analysis is providing solutions for the control and analysis of the organic additives in the plating baths by CVS (Cyclic Voltametry Stripping).


Our range is covering lab equipments (from manual to multisamples units) to Online systems.


The LineSmart® 8000 is our latest CVS equipment. This is a fully automated online system which will take the control of the organic additives in your plating bath. This unit will monitor continuously the concentrations of your plating bath additives by CVS.


The CVSmart® is our lab CVS analyzer. It can be used to measure the organic additives concentrations in your plating bath (Acid Copper or Acid Tin).


The CVSmart® can be used in conjonction with an autodosing syringe system the DOSmart®. This system allow the CVSmart® unit to make automatically the additions of the reagents during the CVS analysis.


For the customers who have more than 5 tanks to control every day, we recommend to use our T100 system. This unit is the perfect tool to make the organic additives analysis by Cyclic Voltametry stripping in your analysis lab.