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MPC – Micropulse Plating Concepts

MPC, Micropulse Plating Concepts, a French company founded in 1999, is specialized in industrial specific solutions for applications in the surface treatment and wastewater treatment.


From design to manufacturing CVS analyzers for the control of plating baths in laboratory and Online application, through the recovery units for precious and base metals, additives, insoluble anodes, the treatment of effluents of these baths, MPC covers all components induced by surface treatment baths.


MPC, with its R & D team, has developed and patented its product lines to ensure the best efficiency and surface treatment quality.


Featuring a specialized laboratory and a highly efficient technical team, with its experience of 20 years, MPC is able to assist you and provide you the best solution for your needs.


Early on, MPC was focused on international sales, and more than 70% of its turnover in the export of certain product lines. With offices located in China, in Taiwan and its various partners, MPC is able to equip you everywhere.