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The LineSmart® 8000 is our latest CVS system. This unit is designed to monitor continuously the three organic additives of your electroplating bath.


The LineSmart® 8000 is a all-in-one equipment with its three electrodes system, pumps, precise autodosing syringes units and valve.


The unit is fully controlled by PC and PLC which makes the operators only check the results of the CVS analysis.


It can also be linked to the line PLC and therefore ensure the replenishment of the additives.


The display screen will show immediately the last three results of Carrier, Brightener and Leveler with the time and date of the measurements as well as any alarm or low concentration values.


The LineSmart® 8000 SC will have the additional capabilities to analyze the Copper and Acid concentration in your electroplating bath. The measurement will be done by ultrasonic and conductivity which are not using any reagent for the analysis. No additional waste will be generated and the solution tested can return directly to the tank.


The LineSmart® 8000 series are the perfect tools to ensure a constant control of your organic additives and inorganic parameters.