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The CVSmart® unit is our most popular CVS (Cyclic Voltametry Stripping) analyzer. This unit is available in manual mode for the analysis of your organic plating additives.


The CVSmart® is using a three electrodes system to perform the CVS analysis :

  • An adjustable speed rotating electrode with a platinum tip as working electrode
  • An Ag/AgCl reference electrode
  • A Platinum wire as auxiliary electrode


The unit is capable to analyze the three different additives from your plating baths :

  • Suppressor (Carrier, Wetter or Leveler)
  • Brightener
  • Leveler


The CVSmart® can be used together with a DOSmart® unit which allow the automatic addition of the reagents during the analysis. The operator is then free to perform other lab measurements while the unit is doing the determination of the electroplating bath additives.


Thanks to its compact design, the CVSmart® save room on your laboratory bench or with its carry-on trolley can be moved easily to different sites.