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CVSmart® + DOSmart®





  In this part, we will present our device, the DOSmart an MPC product. It is a semi-automatic system which can perform preparation, mixing and analysis automaticaly. The DOSmart® is working together with the CVSmart®.





The CVSmart® can have, as an option, an automatic device for addition of the analysis reagents, the DOSmart®.

The operator is then free to perform other actions while the analysis is running.

The system is connected through a USB port, the PC used for the control of the system is completly independent.



CVSmart Lab CVS Analyzer 1


DOSmart® : by combining the CVSmart with two Dosmart units, your system will be able to prepare the necessary solutions used for the analysis.

The operator will only need to rinse the electrodes and the beaker with DI water.

Automatc delivery of :


Intercept Solution

Support Electrolyte / Solution

Calibration and Bath Sample Solution

Standard Solution of Brightener and Leveler

Automatic preparation of :

Intercept Solution and Support Electrolyte / Solution

The DOSmart®  is the perfect system for automatic additions. With this CVS device, you will always keep control of your additives.