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INSOLUBLES ANODES SIA® (Shielded Insoluble Anode )

New Insoluble Titanium mesh or plate Anodes SIA® (Shielded Insoluble Anode ).

The origin of the development was to find a « new anode type » in order to modify the additive behavior in acid copper bath for PWB used with insoluble anodes


Advantages :

  • Induced a longer bath life
  • Increased life of the active coating when there is less of an attack by the additives
  • Reduced influence of anodic bubble action on the cathodic layer due to increased bubble sizes
  • Reduced influence of the undesirable action of the reverse pulse on the life of the electrocatalyst
  • Increased efficiency of copper deposition by prevention of Cu+ – oxidation on the electrocatalyst
  • Stable shielding during the complete life of the activated coating.
  • Limitation of the break down products generation in Via or Through Hole filling applications
insoluble anodes