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Latest palladium and gold prices :


  • Palladium price : 45 634 €/Kg – 49 416 US$/Kg
  • Gold price : 70 513 €/Kg – 76 358 US$/Kg

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The future of microchip manufacturing may take a turn by 2024.


Indeed, following the tensions between Beijing and Washington, the United States has published a blacklist of about key companies in the manufacture of memory chips or artificial intelligence.


As explained in this article from The Economic Times, the American giants of the sector such as DELL or HP Inc. are wondering about the future. Chips from China are banned for the manufacture of their equipments and they want to impose on their suppliers the move of their manufacturing in third countries.


Big changes are likely to take place by 2024 with a massive relocation of production. The preferred destination seems to be South-East Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc…).


Thanks to its network of distributors, MPC is already present in these regions to accompany these companies.


A turning point in the history of microchips is near and MPC is ready to write this new page with its laboratory or online CVS analysis devices.