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MPC and TKK teams are preparing for the Semicon Taiwan.



Come and meet our official distributor TKK for Taiwan.


We are looking forward to seeing you and we hope to see many of you!



  • Semicon : September 14-16, 2022


You can find our products on the TKK booth N°J2546

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The fight against semiconductor shortage


The continuous shortage in semiconductors leads the major companies to extend their production capacity by building Giga Factories. Recently, STMicroelectronics and GlobalFoundries announced the building of a new factory in Crolles.


An opportunity for MPC, a specialist in online analysis devices with enhanced functions for Industry 4.0 compliance.

Our LineSmart® is the right tool to ensure the process control of your semiconductor manufacturing. It is the perfect tool for Semiconductor and Adanced packaging applications.

sortage of semiconductors

Increase of precious metal prices since February.


We got the solution for their recovery.


Latest palladium and gold prices :


  • Palladium price : 75 000 €/Kg – 75 000 US$/Kg
  • Gold price : 55 730 €/Kg – 55 730 US$/Kg

palladium price

Gold price

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