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Semicon Taiwan was again a great and successful show this year.


Thank you very much to all the customers and visitors which come to our booth and we hope this will be a start of future business relations.


We would like to thank the TKK teams for their support before and during the show.


See you next year, from 4 to 6 September 2024, for a new edition.


The MPC team

Semicon Taiwan show 2023

International Semiconductors Exhibition at Taipei – Semicon Taiwan show 2023


Nangang Exhibition Center Halls 1 & 2 host the new edition of Semicon Taiwan show 2023!


Take opportunity to meet our Product Manager Mr. Cedric Klonowski, until 8 September.


With the key focus of « Inspire Innovation. Empower Sustainability. », the exhibition gather more participants from major companies than ever before, including 950 exhibitors, covering 3,000 booths, and attracting over 50,000 visitors!

MPC is attending the Semicon show in Taiwan. We are exhibiting our Online CVS unit The LineSmart together with our partner TKK (booth J2640).


You will be able to meet our CVS product manager on site who will travel from France to meet you. Do not hesitate to contact him.


Mob. : +33 (0)6 18 95 16 44
E-mail : cklonowki@mpc-cvs.com

International Electronics Circuit Exhibition at Shenzhen – HKPCA show 2023



Shenzhen Exhibition and Convention Center will host the new edition of HKPCA show 2023!


It will take place from May 24 to 26, 2023.


A must-attend exhibition on the PCB market, the HKPCA show awaits you.


Creating value and enhancing industry competitiveness are the ultimate missions. To achieve

these missions, he continue to leverage his the rich experience and unique position in the

industry by providing a one-stop solution platform for industry experts, market and technology

leaders, associations and institutions to gather through physical events and virtual platform.


You will be able to meet our CVS product manager on site who will travel from France to meet you. Do not hesitate to contact him.

Mob. : +33 (0)6 18 95 16 44
E-mail : cklonowki@mpc-cvs.com

HKPCA show

USA – Canada Alliance to bolster advanced packaging and PCB manufacturing in North America

USA - Canada alliance


In response to the joint statement made today by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Joe Biden, IPC’s John W. Mitchell, president and CEO, declares say :


The alliance for Advanced Packaging for Semiconductors and Printed Circuit Boards in North America, » including an additional $50 million in funding under the U.S. Defense Production Act for these purposes », is a partnership between the United States and Canada. The U.S. and Canada must invest in and promote the growth of the electronics manufacturing ecosystem, including printed circuit boards, integrated circuit substrates, and semiconductor assembly, in order to achieve our shared goals, » he continued. « A ‘silicon to systems’ approach must be taken or the region’s long-term innovation leadership and the promise of the CHIPS Act would be compromised. Today’s announcement is a significant step forward in the effort to revive the once-proud North American electronics manufacturing sector. The strengthening of the CHIPS Act is therefore felt as a result of this statement.


Following this alliance, the production capacity in USA and Canada will raise up for high performance PCB. Online analyzers and dosing units will be the key point for the success of quality boards.

Contact us to see the large application cases for the recovery of Gold and Palladium (used baths, Palladium in activator baths, finishing baths, etc…)


Latest palladium and gold prices :


  • Palladium price : 45 634 €/Kg – 49 416 US$/Kg
  • Gold price : 70 513 €/Kg – 76 358 US$/Kg

electrum cvs mpc

The future of microchip manufacturing may take a turn by 2024.


Indeed, following the tensions between Beijing and Washington, the United States has published a blacklist of about key companies in the manufacture of memory chips or artificial intelligence.


As explained in this article from The Economic Times, the American giants of the sector such as DELL or HP Inc. are wondering about the future. Chips from China are banned for the manufacture of their equipments and they want to impose on their suppliers the move of their manufacturing in third countries.


Big changes are likely to take place by 2024 with a massive relocation of production. The preferred destination seems to be South-East Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc…).


Thanks to its network of distributors, MPC is already present in these regions to accompany these companies.


A turning point in the history of microchips is near and MPC is ready to write this new page with its laboratory or online CVS analysis devices.